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Re: [K12OSN] Fastest file sharing method?

I guess I'll just try all three. Anyone recommend something besides


On 3/16/07, Calvin Dodge <caldodge gmail com> wrote:
On 3/15/07, Daniel Bodanske <daengbo gmail com> wrote:
> I am going to ask the knowledgeable  members of this list ... If I
> have a choice of file sharing methods over my closed network (SMB,
> NFS, SSHFS, etc.), which provides the fastest large-file transfers?

I would have though NFS would be fastest, but after Googling a bit I'm
not so sure. I can say that in my experience copying files from Linux
to Windows via Samba is far slower than Linux to Linux via NFS, but
Linux to Linux via SMB (CIFS) is apparently a different matter.

You could try both ways at the same time, and run some benchmarks,
then share the results with use (you can share the same files via SMB
and NFS, after all).

One caveat - apparently some recent Linux kernels have had problems
with CIFS-mounted shares. I discovered this from researching after the
_second_ system hang on my mom's linux box just after unmounting a
Windows share. So by all means try it out, but don't be surprised if
SMB gives you an unpleasant surprise.


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