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Re: [K12OSN] OT: hard drives and magnets

On 3/16/07, Steven Santos <steven simplycircus com> wrote:

Now, again, while its possible to do, its really hard.  Even if you open a
HD case itself and get the magnet spinning and very close to the platters,
your still going to need and industrial power electromagnet to do it.
After you open the HD case (not on a drive you're concerned about),
check out the arm, there's a very powerful set of magnets *in* the
case.  I don't see how a set of magnets that close to a hard drive
would do no damage, but a student using a magnet *could* damage it.

As to leaving the drive formatted, no way.  A magnet would wipe those bits
just as quickly as it would wipe data bits.  A magnet does not have the kind
of control over what it wipes to do this (at least not without all of those
control circuits).

I agree.  I would think the magnet would just randomize the bits and
make it totally unusable until you did a format.

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