[K12OSN] How to build Xvnc and LTSPFS into PPC tree?

Robert Arkiletian robark at gmail.com
Fri Mar 16 19:40:01 UTC 2007

On 3/16/07, Jim Kronebusch <jim at winonacotter.org> wrote:
> Anyone know how or what it would take to build the VNC modules need to run
> FL_TeacherTool into the PPC tree, or how to build in the LTSPFS pieces for local device
> support?
> I have a ton of Macs that I could use as thin clients, but I think these are very
> important features to have for a successful roll out.  I really don't want to have to
> buy a hundred clients or so when I have machines that would work and are already in
> place and hooked up.  But I absolutely need to be sure I have local device support.

Jim if nobody responds to this, then post it on the LTSP list.
Unfortunately I don't know how to do this, so I can't help. Eric H.
was the person who first built Xvnc into the LBE and he then sent
patches upstream to LTSP.
Part of the benefit of LTSP 5 will be any package in the distro should
work in the ltsp tree.


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