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Re: e: [K12OSN] screen locked how to rid

If you install gconf-editor (and you're using gnome), you can disable the screen saver entirely or just the password requirement. In either case, you can set the option to 'mandatory' which means the user can't change it.


William Fragakis wrote:
This works before you set up a user account but, iirc, once a user has
chosen to screen lock or you do this hack after setting up the user, you
have to disable it for each user. Also, iirc, the location of this
changed in later versions (stab in the dark here) because of the move to
gnome screensaver. I forget if ver. 5 or 6 was the change. Mike's note
definitely worked with ver. 4.2

Do users have access to their setting in System -> Preferences ->

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This might be what you need (originally posted by Eric):

Turn off screen saver locking:
Edit: /usr/X11R6/lib/X11/app-defaults/XScreenSaver

and change the "*lock:" and "*lockVTs:" entries from:
*lock: True
*lockVTs: False

*lock: False
*lockVTs: True

See ya!
Mike Lichtenwalner
Technology Specialist
Manheim Township School District
Lancaster, PA

Barry Cisna wrote:
Hello All,

 I'm not sure how this happened. I know it was after I installed a
rpm's a couple weeks ago. On one of our FC3 K12LTSP servers the
locked now pops on after just afew minutes( never timed it). I'm
someone here knows how to disable the screen locked thing system
Possibly system config GUI?
EVryone gripes cause it comes on,too quick..

Any ideas?


Barry Cisna

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