[K12OSN] via vt1612 audio driver

Peter Scheie peter at scheie.homedns.org
Fri Mar 16 22:20:38 UTC 2007

Do you have the sound driver for SiS7019?  I found the page on the wiki, but I'm a bit 
confused about compiling it; for the kernel version, do I reference the server's kernel 
or the client's?  It seems to me it would be the latter since it's the client that loads 
the module.  In which case, don't I need the header files for the LTSP kernel? 
Obviously, I'm misunderstanding something here.


Barry Cisna wrote:
> Hi Petre,
> After some searching , come to find out this new client actually needed
> the SIS 7019 audio driver which i was able to dig up a how to at ltsp
> wiki. I had to compile the actual driver for this sound card(chip) for my
> kernel then drop it ,into the ltsp/sound/driver tree add the SMODULE_01 =
> sis7019 to the lts.conf for this client,and it works like a charm. I was
> just "assuming" i needed the vt1612 driver ,due to the fact that in the
> machine's bios it says that the vt1612 is the audio codec used. This is
> the mini-itx board that has the SIS550 chipset,but has a via(vt1612) audio
> chip. Kinda confusing..
> If by chance anyone else has one of these,boards go to ltsp wiki,for the
> source to compile the sound module for whatever version/kernel you are
> using for K12ltsp. I can help as well if someone would need it. Thanks for
> the feedback Petre..
> Have a happy new year everyone !
> Barry Cisna
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