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Re: [K12OSN] alternative remote desktop solution - legality of

I really like the idea of this especially because I'm finding that
many edu-apps for our K-8 school refuse to install on Server2003.  But
I really worry about the consequences of an audit. The xpunlimitted
site says "Yes it legal to use XPUnlimited."  Citing the xpsp2 EULA.
It says, "Read paragraph 1.4; it is about the (unlimited) number of
Remote Desktop Sessions."

excerpt in question:

    When you are using Remote Assistance or NetMeeting (or other
software which provides similar functionality for a similar purpose)
you may share a Session with other users without any limit on the
number of Device connections and without acquiring additional licenses
for the Software.

To me this is completely different than what Xpunlimited provides and
they're reading what the want to read.  Am i right?  It's multiple
Sessions of Remote Desktop not a broadcast of one Session.   Thoughts?
 Is there a similar product for XP that is sanctioned?


On 2/21/07, Eddie <computoman yahoo com> wrote:
Has anyone tried the software from
http://xpunlimited.com/ that allows you to have
multple remote desktops from a xp pro desktop machine
in a commercial environment?

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