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Re: [K12OSN] via vt1612 audio driver

Right, lsmod does show those pieces loaded, and during the boot process, when rc.sound runs, I see the driver successfully load. But then right after that is when I get all the alsa errors. I'm using Gideon's oss-alsa sound package, which replaces the default sound package, because I need it to make sound work for some Dell laptops. But the fact that the 7019 driver works with the old sound package makes me hopeful that I can fix it by somehow incorporating the driver into the package. I think there may be some licensing issues--SiS won't say what the licensing is--that prevent the driver from being shipped with LTSP and perhaps Gideon's package has the same issue. But that doesn't prevent me from installing it myself if I can figure out how. I'll keep at it.

Barry Cisna wrote:

  On one of your servers that you do NOT get sound on,,,with this client,
do the CTL-ALT-F2 to dive into a shell. once there do : lsmod
See if you have listed the following three lines:

you SHOULD have these thress listed.

This may devulge something.I m not sure.

Keep scratching,,you'll figure it out..

Take Care,,

Barry Cisna

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