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Re: [K12OSN] Recommendation Needed

I have a Cisco Catalyst 3500 switch; it's a 24-porter.  Those switches have two GBIC (Giga-Bit Interface Connector) ports in them, and those ports take either fiber Gig-E or copper Gig-E.  I happen to use fiber, but copper works just fine, too.

BTW, those Cat 3500's make *great* switches for LTSP.  And yes, you DEFINITELY want Gig-E on your server!

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Pete Horm wrote:
Hi everyone,
I am trying to decide what is the best route  to take with the switch that I am going to connect the server and clients to.  From reading many of the posts, gigabit is recommended for the server.  I unfortunately don't have any gigabit switches.  I do have a cisco 3500 spare switch.  In looking for cheap gig switches, there are a few for around 300.00, but they are low end stuff.  I might be able to scrape a few coins together to buy one of these for the school district with what is left in the budget. In your experience, which way would you recommend?  Thanks so much!


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