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Re: [K12OSN] via vt1612 audio driver--RESOLVED

I got it working! I installed the driver on my K12ltsp ver. 6 box and now it works like a champ with the 2300. I get amixer error messages, but enabling the aumix command, which was commented out in preference for the amixer, makes it work. So, I think there's a kernel mismatch in k12 ver. 5 which has a slightly older kernel. Just as well; I should upgrade to version 6 anyway (just wish Fedora would fix the missing KGeography 'bug' in FC6).


Barry Cisna wrote:

  This would be v,,e,,r,,y much a long shot but see if you can see on the
server what module that your oss-alsa package created. Say it is listed
" oss-alsa " . Do a ' rmmod oss-alsa '  at the server. Do a lsmod to make
sure it is NOT showing now. Now boot up your little 2300 box. See if sound
appears. if it does you'll know that is actually the culprit. I'm guessing
when you reboot the server that module will be back. If it does not
reslove anything just do a " insmod oss-alsa ' to refurbish it into the
server kernel again.
You should have sound back on your other cleints as before( I Hope),,,:)
I would guess the oss-alsa install has probably hijacked some other perms
etc as well?
Its worth a shot. I would guess there are other underlying residue

Good day,

Barry Cisna

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