[K12OSN] via vt1612 audio driver--RESOLVED

Peter Scheie peter at scheie.homedns.org
Mon Mar 19 21:57:57 UTC 2007

I got it working!  I installed the driver on my K12ltsp ver. 6 box and now it works like 
a champ with the 2300.  I get amixer error messages, but enabling the aumix command, 
which was commented out in preference for the amixer, makes it work.  So, I think 
there's a kernel mismatch in k12 ver. 5 which has a slightly older kernel.  Just as 
well; I should upgrade to version 6 anyway (just wish Fedora would fix the missing 
KGeography 'bug' in FC6).


Barry Cisna wrote:
>   Petre,
>   This would be v,,e,,r,,y much a long shot but see if you can see on the
> server what module that your oss-alsa package created. Say it is listed
> as
> " oss-alsa " . Do a ' rmmod oss-alsa '  at the server. Do a lsmod to make
> sure it is NOT showing now. Now boot up your little 2300 box. See if sound
> appears. if it does you'll know that is actually the culprit. I'm guessing
> when you reboot the server that module will be back. If it does not
> reslove anything just do a " insmod oss-alsa ' to refurbish it into the
> server kernel again.
> You should have sound back on your other cleints as before( I Hope),,,:)
> I would guess the oss-alsa install has probably hijacked some other perms
> etc as well?
> Its worth a shot. I would guess there are other underlying residue
> somewere,,though.
> Good day,
> Barry Cisna
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