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Re: [K12OSN] LTSP Audio

Is this the issue with the /tmp/.esd/socket file being deleted which causes sound in flash to stop?  Flash requires that /tmp/.esd/socket exist. 

Dave Hopkins

On 3/20/07, Michael Paric <mparic compbizsolutions com> wrote:
I have set up a continuation high school with a K12LTSP v5 network (50 clients, 1 PDC for /homes and LDAP auth server, 2 thin client application servers using KDE), and all is pretty stable except for audio. Audio *does* work (even when using Remote Desktop from Linux thin client to run Windows apps on W2K3 server), however after a couple hours it just stops. No errors, nothing in the logs and the sound server is still running (sound server can be restarted with no errors). Loaded the latest LTSP 4.2 Alsa/ESD sound drivers, but problem persists. As I said, I have had the sound working, but it stops and is inconsistent (rebooting servers does not help). Any information "beyond the basics" to get the audio stable and consistent?

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