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Re: [K12OSN] rdesktop

Yes, you can as I'm doing that at a High School to run Larson Algebra from a Windows 2003 Server that connects to the Linux Domain Controller via Samba and LDAP. To make it simpler for the students and more secure for the school, I created an Application Launcher desktop icon that starts rdesktop and runs just the program (no Windows desktop). For security reasons I have the students enter their username and password to access the Windows server (it's the same as their Linux log in as it's stored in an LDAP directory). When they close the Windows program they are automatically logged out of the Windows server and rdesktop. Sound works great as long as sound is working on the thin clients (see my other posts for issues I'm running into with KDE).

Here's the command line I use for the launcher:

esddsp rdesktop -r sound:local -d DomainName -f -s "C:\PathToProgram" ServerIPAddress

The -r switch redirects the sound to the thin client, the -d is your Samba/Windows Domain Name, -f forces full-screen, -s starts the specified program and I connect to the Windows server via IP address as it's the most consistent.


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Subject: [K12OSN] rdesktop
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Is it possible to run rdesktop from the linux log on and have sound work from a widows terminal server? I know I can make it work by having rdesktop
as screen 02.

Ernie Hudson

CLS 3 Serrano High School

760-868-3222  ext 2687

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