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Re: [K12OSN] TeacherTool and dhcpd load balancing.

On 3/21/07, Jim Kronebusch <jim winonacotter org> wrote:
> It's possible to do that. You would have to setup root ssh-keys
> without a passphrase. But some things would break. Big problem would
> be broadcasting, which is the best feature of fl-tt (in my opinion).
> You can only run one session of vncreflector (which server?). Pick
> one. Now I have to ssh into the other server launch vncviewer for each
> user that connects to an ip OUTSIDE the lan of that server. So in
> addition to setting up fl-tt, which people sometimes have trouble with
> you're going to have firewall issues since vncviewer has to get
> through BOTH server firewalls. Not to mention the huge ip traffic
> that's going to get created through eth1 and one of the NAT servers. I
> guess what I'm saying is I'm not sure if it's worth doing if there are
> not that many people using load balancinng. And anyone who is, is
> probably not using more than 2 servers. So by using FreeNX you can
> have a quick fix. That said, if anyone is willing to hack on my code I
> would be willing to provide some guidance. The new feature I'm going
> to concentrate on now is the vncsnapshot window.

You know, if you wouldn't have made such a nice tool we wouldn't be bugging you so much
for new features :-)

Thanks Jim. Actually I really enjoy working on fl-tt but sometimes
it's not easy balancing family and coding.

I was just trying to think outside the box with the ssh thing.  I really hope that in
the future many people will be clustering servers.  That will really help things catch
on in larger schools and districts.

In the last couple of days my mind has been changed regarding LTSP in
general.  I think this is for another thread. I will start a new one

Good luck with the vncsnapshot feature.  That will a handy feature.  I use it all the
time with Mac clients and Apple Remote Desktop.  Sure makes it easy to keep an eye on a
room full of kids.

I'm looking forward to it too.


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