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Re: [K12OSN] American Idol & K12LTSP

IceWM is certainly an option if you disable the menu and just put an
icon on the toolbar, but why even go that far? Just create a login
xsession which starts one app. When the app closes, the session ends
automatically and the user is logged out.


On 3/22/07, ahodson <ahodson elp rr com> wrote:
Sorry gang, just a small hook to try to engage some of the flying-by
If I have a PC application that runs well under wine, what would be the
ideal set up environ (such as icewm) where (within a K12LTSP6 install) I
could create a series of say 40 accounts that *ONLY* display/run that
particular PC application? In other words, how does one create users
with only one choice: run program x or log out? please enlighten me as
to the availability of such a resource (I'm trying to avoid very heavy
Alan Hodson
El Paso ISD, TX

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