[K12OSN] bootp, imac, and k12ltsp server

ahodson ahodson at ELP.RR.COM
Thu Mar 22 03:11:24 UTC 2007

Hi Aaron
I've had a lot of success with the "newer" imacs booting into the 
k12ltsp by first making sure the ethernet drop has been properly vlaned 
to the k12ltsp server's vlan (I am crossing walls- the IP generated 
should be 192.168...) and then by just holding down the 'n' (mac network 
boot) key during booting. Lots of scrolling, but soon, your k12ltsp 
glorious welcome screen... I can't remember exactly, but seems like 
there are a couple of keys (non-alphanumeric) that type a different 
character...other than that, hog heaven!
Good luck
El Paso ISD, TX
Aaron Sulwer wrote:
> i have a k12ltsp server that thin clients can currently log into.  i 
> want to turn our old imac g3's into thin clients too.  I noticed that 
> there is an option in network settings (system settings macos 10.3.9) 
> that says bootp.  Also there is an option to boot from the network.  
> Do i have to have a hd in the imac to boot from the network?  what do 
> i have to do on the server side to support the imac's.  anything 
> special that i should do on the imac side?  i am new to this imac's as 
> thin clients.  Aaron
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