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Re: [K12OSN] rdesktop and lts.conf

Peter Hartmann wrote:
I had a working setup with rdesktop as the only screen for a few
library computers to access the Athena catalog for searching only.
But they refuse to work, they can't get  past the "Press <ENTER> to
Login" . When you do press enter it looks link it's going to start x
but the kicks you back to the "Press <ENTER> to Login" page.  From an
x session this machine is accessible with rdesktop.

They have this kind of entry ion lts.conf:

[00:06:5b:23:fd:60] # library athena kiosk 1
        XSERVER            = auto
        LOCAL_APPS         = Y
        SCREEN_01          = rdesktop
        RDP_SERVER = # your.2k.server
        RDP_OPTIONS = "-f -u xxxxxxx -p xxxxxxx  -k en-us"

I'm baffled why this would stop working all of a sudden.  Any ideas?


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try it on screen_02 , I have also just experienced the same thing

not sure what has changed

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