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Re: [K12OSN] K12LSTP 7

Edubuntu incorporates LTSP directly, and the devs for LTSP work closely with the Ubuntu folks, such that LTSP 5 will be in the next version of Edubuntu. But I think the consensus on this list is that while Edubuntu is worth watching and testing, K12LTSP is currently a more 'stable' implementation, albeit at the expense of being not as cutting edge (bleeding edge some might say) as Edubuntu. I think many, perhaps most, on this list are using K12LTSP in production but also may have Edubuntu installed on a test system, just to see a different way of doing things. Which one is better depends on your needs. There are many on the LTSP list who are running LTSP on top of Ubuntu.


Mel Wade wrote:
Thanks for all the explanations...  Very helpful.

Where does Ubuntuedu fit in this? I know many prefer Ubuntu for a desktop OS, but it seems that I have read here that it doesn't cut it yet for a full blown LSTP in an education market. Any insight?

Mel Wade
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