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Re:[K12OSN] American Idol & K12LTSP

Alan, I had to do something similar with a ltsp installation at our transportation department. We use an in-house developed route management and logging web application but the administration of the trans dept wanted the drivers to be able to access ONLY that.

I built the standard k12ltsp install, configured 4 terminals for autologin based on MAC address and set the user desktop to fluxbox. I edited the fluxbox menu to do exactly what you are requesting. Firefox auto-launches on login. If it is closed they can right-click the desktop and have two choices; relaunch FF or logout.

Works for us.

Kevin Lisowski
Linux/LTSP Admin
Bethel School District

what would be the ideal set up environ (such as icewm) where (within a K12LTSP6 install) I could create a series of say 40 accounts that *ONLY* display/run that particular PC application? In other words, how does one create users with only one choice: run program x or log out?

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