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Re: [K12OSN] mount remote share, launch file manager, unmount share--how?

Dan Young wrote:
Peter Scheie wrote:
The problem is this doesn't work with Nautilus because it's part of
Gnome and so doesn't maintain a separate PID that I could monitor and
use as a trigger for unmounting.  I suppose I could call Konqueror, but
that loads so much overhead that it takes a while to come up.  I'd
prefer to use Nautilus because it's the same, for the users, as when
they open the local directories.  Any ideas?

Maybe Thunar? It's the XFce file browser; GTk and low overhead. Will
look good in a GNOME environment.

yum install Thunar

Doh! The package is Thunar, not thunar. I looked for thunar, having used it a bit over the past few months, and been pleased with it. But I couldn't find it in yum, because I was looking for the wrong spelling. Thanks, Dan.


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