[K12OSN] help needed finding out who's logged on

John Lucas mrjohnlucas at gmail.com
Fri Mar 23 16:00:58 UTC 2007

On Friday 23 March 2007 11:33, john wrote:
> Hi all,
> At any given time I would like to know who and how many folks are logged on
> to our LTSP server. When I log in remotely and run 'w'  or 'who -q' the
> server doesn't seem to show me everybody that I know is on at the moment. I
> am using winbind to do authentication with Active Directory, could this
> been interfering with the servers ability to report users correctly?
> Your thoughts would be appreciated.
> TIA!
> John

If you aren't/can't user fl_teachertool, here is a quick and dirty script you 
can adapt:

ps aux --cols 160 | grep icewm | grep -v grep
ps aux --cols 160 | grep gnome-session | grep -v dbus-launch | grep -v grep
ps aux --cols 160 | grep startkde | grep -v dbus-launch | grep -v grep

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