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Re: [K12OSN] How to access Gnome-mounted servers?

Dan Young wrote:
Todd O'Bryan wrote:
Does anyone know if there's a way to access servers that Gnome will let
you mount on your desktop? For example, I go to Places->Connect to
Server... and can access a WEBDAVS folder. But I can't figure out how to
get to it in the terminal or which path to use to save things there.

I don't think you can get at GNOME-mounted volumes from anything besides
GNOME apps or things patched to use the GNOME VFS (OpenOffice).

Yes, that does suck.

I like Peter's suggestion of using a FUSE module, though it complicates
normal users actually connecting to a share themselves, without some glue.

Here's a quick script I wrote to use sshfs to allow users to connect to their folders on a server named cat over ssh:

### Begin script ###

[ ! -d $HOME/cat ] && mkdir $HOME/cat

# unmount cat in case it's already mounted or we'll get an error when we try to mount it
fusermount -u $HOME/cat

# get an ID to use on the remote system; needed only if client machine autologins
# might want to check current ID and call this line only if it's an autologin
id=$(/usr/bin/zenity --entry --text="Please enter your ID for access to cat:")

# mount remote directory & point nautilus at it
sshfs ${id} cat: $HOME/cat/ && thunar $HOME/cat

# unmount cat once thunar is closed
fusermount -u $HOME/cat

### End of script ###

We put users' public ssh keys onto cat so no password was needed. Then we just put an icon on the desktop that calls the script. I imagine the wdfs would work similarly.


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