[K12OSN] Desktop Manager choices

Patrick Healy patrick.healy at dsusd.us
Fri Mar 23 18:13:34 UTC 2007

You can also look here:


I've just updated that page for Fedora Core 6.

Modifying those instructions may help you eliminate the unwanted

-- Patrick Healy
Palm Desert High School

Peter Scheie wrote:

You can set KDE to be the default desktop by adding this
to /etc/sysconfig/desktop:


To eliminate Gnome and IceWM from the Sessions menu at the login screen,
see this page on the wiki:


Steve Krause wrote:
        We are trying to deply a k12ltsp lab for a classroom.  I have it almost
        all configured.  It is integrated into our AD network for authenticating
        domain users and accessing home directories.  We are looking at using
        the KDE Kiosk tool to manage the look and feel of the thin clients.  My
        problem is, how do I limit the students to only having KDE availible for
        a desktop manager?  At least I would like to make it the default instead
        of Gnome for new logins.  Thanks for your help!

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