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Fri Mar 23 20:53:18 UTC 2007

"The only down side is power consumption as compared to real thin

I think there are other downsides:

      * capital cost per seat is almost $100 more than a fanless thin
        client like NTAVO 6040
      * there will be power supply and cpu fans wearing out and making
      * power consumption will likely be double or triple that of
        compact thin client
      * the network has to load 100 megabytes or so into each client at
        the start of classes as compared to a thin client loading only a
        few. Caching may help from a warm login but that means you have
        to leave the things running, increasing the energy consumption

Still it is a neat solution if you are going to do lots of multimedia or
heavy CPU load. I would only use it in a multimedia development lab. All
of my classroom and lab experiences with the curriculums I have do not
need it. I think most of the downsides would be mitigated with a
slightly more powerful processor and Multi-seat X. Then, the power is
averaged over 5-10 users.

One upside not listed is that the server becomes a straight file server
so it might be able to service more clients this way.

I still think straight LTSP is the best solution in most cases. I could
see one such client per classroom and possibly a bunch in a multimedia

Robert Pogson
A problem is an opportunity.
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