[K12OSN] What's the state of LTSP 5.0?

Todd O'Bryan toddobryan at mac.com
Sat Mar 24 14:22:48 UTC 2007

We're using it with a vanilla Ubuntu version of Edgy for AMD64 and it
seems to be pretty solid. We still haven't figured out sound (not a huge
priority for me--I teach programming), but other than that I can't
complain much.


On Sat, 2007-03-24 at 09:32 -0400, Rob Owens wrote:
> Does anybody have any updated information on the state of LTSP 5?  Last
> time I tried it, it was with a Xubuntu 6.10 installation and at least
> one of my P2 clients failed to boot correctly, so I quickly scurried
> back to the safety of LTSP 4.2.  I haven't tried the Feisty pre-releases
> yet.
> -Rob

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