[K12OSN] Lists of thin clients.

Vince Callaway vince at totalsense.com
Sun Mar 25 20:03:53 UTC 2007

The neoware was not really a big issue.

In my case I was trying to score a cheap workstation for a client.  I
paid about $50 for the two of them with shipping.

I did a some searching because the one that works had a password on the
CMOS setup.  After some digging found it was factory set and is
"DOGBITES" btw.  I found it in the archives of this list.  The message
showed it in lower case, but it is actually upper case.

The audio and usb is a non-issue.  This workstation replaces an old wyse
dumb terminal in a warehouse.

The other box does not network boot.  It does have a boot prom socket on
the motherboard.  The neoware software and ltsp don't seem to like each
other.  If I try to login I get a message about touchscreen not being
supported.  I don't have time to dig into it now, but I'm sure I can
work around it.

Some time in the next couple of days I will work up info on these two
boxes.  I now know what to look for to make sure I get one that pxe

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