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[K12OSN] SafeDesk and LTSP

Hello Joshua,

I haven't myself used companies like "SafeDesk" before.  But do understand that K12LTSP already *is* a turnkey (or should I say "turndisc"?  :-) ) solution.  That's actually the point of K12LTSP; Eric Harrison takes Fedora Core or CentOS, adds the LTSP bits, and throws in a bunch of educational apps.  It's a complete, self-contained distribution.  When you're done clicking through the installation, boom, you have a working educational LTSP setup.

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Joshua Sommermeyer wrote:

I have been lurking for some time but have finally downloaded and burned
my set of K12LTSP disks... I am planning a 2 lab installation for next
year and am also talking to a company called "SafeDesk" they offer a
turnkey solution (at a cost) with support and such.  Have any of you had
experience with SafeDesk or other 3rd party vendors that package LTSP
and sell their services to schools?


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