[K12OSN] ppc imac problems

Aaron Sulwer asulwer at yahoo.com
Tue Mar 27 19:12:53 UTC 2007

i went into osx system settings and chose startup disk, switch from os 10.3.9
to network boot.  restarted imac g3 500mhz to boot into my k12ltsp terminal. 
everything thing seems to work correctly except when i get this error.

Mounting root filesystem: /opt/ltsp/ppc from:
doing the pivot_root
pivot_root: pivot_root: no such file or dir
mounting the devfs filesystem
running /sbin/init
exec: /sbin/init: no such file or dir
kernel panic: attempting to kill init!

then i get this rebooting in 180 secs and then the process repeats.  Any ideas
on how to fix this?  Aaron

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