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Re: [K12OSN] push icons out to desktops script

I'm not quite following where the users' home directories are located. If they live on a Windows server, then the push_icons_to_users_desktops script won't work because it only works with local directories. Perhaps an example user would help.


Karen Bailey wrote:
We are currently setting up a new server configuration using ltsp6.0 and
windows 2003 server.  We do this by configuring kerberos, samba and
winbind.  The authentication process works great but when the new users
log in they only get the default desktop icons ie. home, computer.  The
reason for this is that with the new setup, the process has us creating a
folder inside the home folder with the domain name.  In here is where all
the users home directories are created.  The push icons out to users
desktops script is written to put the icons in the users desktop folder in
home.  I have made several different attempts to change the script and
redirect the icons to the domain folder within home but I have had no
luck.  If anyone has any suggestions or has come up with another way of
pushing certain icons out to users desktops we would love the assistance.

Karen M. Bailey
Software Support Specialist
Merrimack Valley School District
kbailey mv k12 nh us

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