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Re: [K12OSN] Recommendations for PXE NICs

Check out  http://www.argontechnology.com/product.aspx/cid1/103/pid/159
I've been using this Realtek 8139  NIC with MBA to PXE boot from LTSP server for a couple of years now.
Price is very competitive - $15.99  for NIC and boot ROM combo.  They can also provide Etherboot boot ROMs if you wish.

On 3/28/07, Steve Krause <krauses deerpark wednet edu> wrote:
So far, we have been using 3Com 3C905 Nics to PXE boot to ltsp servers
(1 lab and 1 going in.)  Those NICs are being phased out and are not
readily available at our normal sources.  Could I get some suggestions
on good, reliable, yet affordable NICs that support the PXE boot?

Steve Krause, CNE
Network Manager
Deer Park School District #414
Deer Park, WA
(509) 464-5567
krauses deerpark wednet edu

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