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Re: [K12OSN] iptables-k12ltsp: unrecognized service -- etc.

Peter, I struggled with this as well...actually went so far as to destroy one server's config(Thankful BackupPC managed that server so it was simple to restore)...but I never did get it working...which to me was odd because I had it configured the same as I did my Linux firewall/gateway(without any DROP rules)

Haven't had time to go back and revisit it..just ran more wires :(


Peter Hartmann wrote:
I'm struggling with nat for non-terminals.  looking back Eric
mentioned that iptables-k12ltsp should be set on.  but it doesn't
exist as a service...only iptables. is that ok?


P.S. Please forgive, this should probably be it's own post:  could
this be the cause of my lts.conf rdesktop difficultly?  I can ping the
winterm from the client but telnet xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx 3389 says
'connection closed by foreign host'.  on the server telnet to winterm

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