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Re: [K12OSN] Mac G3 clients

I hate to say it this way but $60 for a G3 as a thin clients would be a waste of money IMHO...I just got 2 G3's, and 3 G4's for $200. all with OS/X on them...and...well I'll stop and let you decide... but $60 EACH is absurd for a G3 when you can get a BRAND NEW thin client that takes much less space/power/etc...for $100 to $150...or FREE from freegeek.org(or your local hospital when they do their routine swap-outs if you can develop a relationship with their CIO =)


Shawn Maggard wrote:
Hey everyone. I've been reading the mailing list for quite some time, just never really had anything to say. Well that has changed now..

Ok, so a supplier of mine comes up with these used G3s for like $60 each - working but no keyboard or mouse. I was wondering if these could be used to basically create an entire computer lab using these G3s booting into LTSP. Good idea or bad? The tables sure would be a lot cleaner and neater with the "all built into one device" features of those macs. AND $60 per client doesn't sound bad at all..

Thanks for your comments.
Shawn Maggard
Advance Computers


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