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Re: [K12OSN] Database access in open office

OpenOffice.org's Base is similar to MS's Access in that it doesn't
require any special permissions to run. The user needs read/write
permission on the database file to open a particular database, though.
If the user connects to a networked database such as mysql, then the
program needs to be set up to point to the database and
accesscredentials need to be supplied to connect.

Does that answer your question?


On 3/30/07, Fred McFall <fmcfall jpbg com> wrote:

Although I am not using the K12ltsp in a school environment, I have been
VERY impressed with the performance of the system.  At present I am working
on a very small installation at the office to Prove to the boss that this
system will work for our less intensive operations.

I have a question on the security and the database systems within open
office.  I have installed the base K12LTSP v6 and included the open office
v2, and I just got finished upgrading to the open office database wizard
(online update) …. And I can get the system running very nicely as a "root"
level operator, but now I need to now what group the "average user" has got
to be in, in order to allow them to access the database aspect of the OOo

Can anyone clear up the cloud…. Before I walk over a cliff….. (figuratively
of course)

Fred McFall

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