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[K12OSN] Transparency problems

I'm on Ubuntu 6.10 with updates, using LTSP 5.

We're creating animations in a program called DrScheme and images with
transparent sections aren't showing up transparently in the clients.
They do, however, work correctly when I run them on the server, so I
think the problem is that the transparency info isn't making it to the

Anybody have someplace I could start to diagnose and fix the problem?

The clients are all NTAVO 6020P's from DevonIT and we haven't actually
set the video driver anywhere. (In fact, when the client boots, if we
just let it go, it ends up on a blank black screen. If, after the
terminal shows "Ready." and the screen goes to a black screen with a
cursor in the top left corner, we press Ctrl+Alt+F1 to switch back to
the terminal, everything works.)

Any help appreciated,

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