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Re: [K12OSN] Update on Morley's K12LTSP situation

How did you get flash sound going? Did you use the wiki?
Nick Fenger
Trillium Charter School
Portland, OR

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From: Tom Wolfe <twolfe sawback com>
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Sent: Thursday, April 26, 2007 2:29:41 PM
Subject: [K12OSN] Update on Morley's K12LTSP situation

Hi folks, I've been quiet for a few months on this list but thought I'd
share what's going on here in Morley, Alberta, Canada.

We now have a single K12LTSP server (dual processor Xeon 64-bit with 8 GB
RAM, K12LTSP 6.0) beaming out on a 1 gig switch to a total of 4 different
labs: a 10-station lab, an 18-station lab, a 7-station lab, and a
2-station lab. They all have remote desktop (alt-F4) to a terminal server
"just in case". And miraculously they now all have Flash (nspluginwrapper)
and sound (and even better, flash WITH sound! - pulseaudio). User logons
seamlessly connect with Active Directory, including a desktop link to
their mounted windows document folders.

It's awesome, and it smokes: very fast and clean user experience. Our
clients are a hodge-podge, the very best ones being a bunch of PIII IBM
Netvistas. Excellent machines, and so easy to configure for PXE it's
ridiculous. I also have a bunch of old IBM P1 machines that do fine,
except they are a little slow and the video craps out on them now and

SO that's where I'm at. We have another 20 Netvistas and about 10 Dell
GX110 PIIIs (also very capable machines) waiting to find a home.

Thanks again for all the help you folks provided back in December and
January when I was getting things up and running.

If there is anyone else nearby with or thinking of starting a K12LTSP lab,
drop me a line.

Tom Wolfe
Morley, AB (40 mins west of Calgary, 10 mins east of the Rockies)

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