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[K12OSN] smbldap CreatingLDAPClients

Hi all,
I'm trying to create an Ubuntu fat LDAP client. I've almost got it. I've been using


with the latest version of the installer

My first question is, how do you make sure the 'portmap' service is installed and running in Ubuntu?

I didn't know, so I by-passed that step. I ran

$ ./smbldap ldapclient

and answer the questions. I rebooted and attempted to authenticate to the LDAP server.

I can login successfully. The user's smbldap desktop appears, but with a blank tool bar. I can open an OO.o document that's on the desktop, but can't access anything from the tool bar. We don't have any problems with our thin clients using the smbldap server, just the fat ones.

Appreciate any assistance you can send my way,

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