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[K12OSN] tag based filing system?

Is there any way to add tag based browsing (like Gmail) to linux?

e.g. At our school we do thematic curriculum and often we would want to place one document under different headings. For example on the theme of water we could have a poem about water and a science experiment. We could file them /water/science and /water/english or we could file them as /science/water and english/water
By filing with tags and using a tag browser we could browse for the folder using either logic.

I have googled, but haven't come up with anything solid yet.
Beagle and saved searches is not what I am after. I would like a virtual filing system that can be browsed based on tags. Subdirectories would show other tags connected with files that have the first tag. An example would be simpler.
My (simple) system has three files and several tags.
Water poem.odf - tag:water, english, poem, ice
Water experiment 1.odf tag: water, science, chemistry,experiment, freezing, ice
Water experiment 2.odf tag:water, science, chemistry, experiment, dissolving

If we open the water directory we get all the documents, with all the other tags listed as sub-directories.
If we go to the science sub-directory we will see both experiments listed. with chemistry, experiment, freezing,ice and dissolving shown as subdirectories.
If we go back to the water directory and open the ice directory we will see Water poem and Experiment 1.
Or something along these lines.

This will be useful for indivual users filing and also for the shared file storage area where all teachers put there lesson plans and resources.

Does anyone know of any system that can do this on our K12LTSP 6 system?

Krsnendu dasa

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