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Re: [K12OSN] Firefox crashes

  I'm still wrestling with this problem. The BIOS does not have a section for specifying the memory allocated to the onboard i810 video. So, I am ending up guessing, which is never a good thing when diagnosing issues like this. Using videoram values of '32768' and '65536' cause the X server to not even start. Using 16384 it starts OK, however I still receive the same 'insufficient resources' when viewing lots of images. The CacheLines directive doesn't seem to make a difference, no matter its value.

  I've read of many other folks using the i810 setup on Dell GX110s.. does anyone else experience this problem, or how have they worked around it? Maybe a BIOS upgrade would allow me to specify videoram allocation?


Dan Young wrote:
Michael Blinn wrote:
   I'm still testing a lot so I only have 3 clients, one is a nVidia
GeForce3 TI200 and the other two are i810s; this error occurs on the
i810s for-sure, and I need more debugging time to tell if the
sudden-crash bug I see on the nVidia box is the same. The server itself
has an ES1000 but I haven't logged in there in months.


First hit refers to i810 VRAM issues:

Can you bump up the VRAM with the X_VIDEORAM parameter in your lts.conf?


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