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Re: [K12OSN] Firefox crashes

I'm guessing you won't. I can repeat my error when opening overstock.com, going to 'footware', and changing the results-per-page to 100.

Interestingly, when trying to capture the xorg.log file on vt2, I performed the above and quickly switched to VT2, where I was tailing the log file. Something about the operation not being on-screen made it work. Subsequent page loads worked great too; I was navigating all over the place without errors. That's really weird. If only I could teach my users to be prescient and switch to the virtual terminal right before a crash happens...


Levi Kemp wrote:
I'm actually using the i810 on Compaq iPAQ's. They seem to be ok, but I
haven't had a chance to push them. Actually I'm not sure what I'd need
to do to test them. They run TuxType fine, and have no problems viewing
pages like cnn, or other high graphics pages as far as I can tell. I
haven't even made a change to the conf file yet. Am I going to be
running into this issue and just haven't yet?

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