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Re: [K12OSN] Language lab software

Honestly if you can't get Windows versions of lang-lab software running via Wine or a Web-based version...

You'll be doing what I've had to and creating a PC lab with non-opensource software and pay'n the fees, to have an effective lab.


Then again you can just change the default language of the thin clients to say 'German' and sit back and say 'ENJOY learning german if you want to use the computers!'

John Hansknecht wrote:
Hi folks,

What are people doing with LTSP based labs and foreign language instruction.
We are currently running ltsp in all of our labs and we have a request to set
up a language lab. The short list of questions:

1) Will LTSP support an audio lab? a video based lab? or do I need to switch
to heavy client PC's.
2) Does anyone know of any available open source software for high school age
3) If you don't have answers on 1 or 2, what does your school do for a
language lab?



John Hansknecht


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