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Re: [K12OSN] Firefox crashes

Disabling JavaScript makes everything work. The Bummer is that the LAMP database I wrote for our staff uses quite a bit of JavaScript, so I can't turn it off for everyone. I think test #2309385 will be to update to v6, which (I think) has a newer xorg, gnome and metacity, and see if it still happens.. at least now we know the root cause.

(By the way, when you say 'let them know', do you mean filing a bugzilla report?)

Thank you James & Jim for your help in whittling this down. I'll keep you posted.


James P. Kinney III wrote:
THAT is interesting! So the browser is crashing the display manager
during a nasty load in of javascript.

Test #2309384 :)

Open firefox, disable javascript and try it again. If it doesn't crash,
it's a javascript bug in firefox. Let them know the version and link for
the crash.

Note: many site have lousy javascript that cause many problems. The real
bug is on their end.

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