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[K12OSN] Edubuntu and K12LTSP together.

I have been using K12LTSP 6 successfully for a while and I thought I
would test out edubuntu (to see how the sound and local apps feature
of LTSP 5 works.)

I have downloaded Edubuntu 7.04 and I was thinking of running it as a
VM under VMware server.
1. Can I set it up so K12LTSP keeps running for most users, but 1 or 2
terminals run from edubuntu instead?
I am currently running two ltsp servers in parallel and for one of the
thin clients I have specified that I want it to run form the first
server only by specifying server = ltsp1 in lts.conf. Now that ltsp 5
is using ssh the system for doing this might be different now.

2. If I mount both systems to point to the same  /home will that cause
any difficulties?

3. I was thinking of first testing Edubuntu using a VM as the client
then trying it on "real" client. Are there any tips for testing this?

Any other tips for how to test ltsp-5 without messing up my current
system would be greatly appreciated.

Krsnendu dasa

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