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RE: [K12OSN] Fwd: of interest regarding ICT use in schools

I don't think the laptops themselves were the issue, so much as I don't
think the schools had any real idea what to do with them.

For laptop projects like this to be successful, ALL of the schools
curriculum would have needed to be revamped to make regular, daily use of
it.  Replacing all textbooks with e-textbooks, replacing all manual note
taking with computer notes, in general replacing paper with bits would be an
excellent use of these tools, and might even have paid for a large portion
of the program.  I would even go so far as to speculate that a school
focused on using a research based curriculum would perhaps be the best use
of laptops in schools.

Throwing laptops into the school and expecting results from that alone,
without the training on how to make use of the tool, well, that was just
asking for trouble.


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> On Sunday 06 May 2007 05:23:11 Krsnendu dasa wrote:
> > "I feel like I was ripped off," said Richard Ferrante, explaining that
> > his son, Peter, used his laptop to become a master at the Super Mario
> > Brothers video game. "And every time I write my check for school taxes,
> > I get mad all over again."
> >
> Shouldn't he be mad at himself for allowing his son to wast his
> money and not
> the school?
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