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[K12OSN] Desktop and Browsing Control

Hello Group,

I am using both K12LTSP 6 and Ubuntu Feisty 7.04 for two small LTSP classroom labs. In both situations, I have installed Sabayon to try to create managed profiles for the Gnome desktop. I would also like to try to manage some of the students' web browsing through a whitelist or blacklist (I think). The distros have Squid, SquidGuard, and Dans Guardian included. However, I must admit, I am too much of a Linux noob to understand how to get the results I want with these tools.

Question # 1 -- After creating a profile with Sabayon, do I somehow need to copy this profile to all user's home or other folders? The profile doesn't always seem to be applied uniformly to the users that I assign the profile to. I think the Sabayon web site says something to this effect.

Question # 2 -- I have tried to get Squid and SquidGuard set up and running in each distro, but when I check processes and services, neither is listed as running and trying to start / restart them either hangs or produces an error message. Do I need to configure and start Squid, then SqidGuard, or Dans Guardian? Would anyone be willing to share a step by step description of how one configures these tools? The directions I have tried to follow from the respective web sites are not working for me (sorry for my ignorance). I think I would like to limit internet browsing from the LTSP clients with Firefox to a "whitelist" of sites. Are these the tools to do that with, and how?

Thanks for any expertise you are willing to share.

Bob Hill
Forestview High School
Gastonia, NC

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