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Re: [K12OSN] System76

The prices on system76 don't seem that crazy. Maybe I just haven't compared enough, but looks pretty good to me. Built in camera, nVidia 256MB graphics, non broadcom wireless. I didn't think I was crazy when I thought Dell wasn't doing it yet. I did have a D610 running Mepis and a couple other distros. Took me a while to get the wireless going but it worked eventually.

Paul, I have no problem with a company making a profit. Far from it. I just like it when companies embrace open source as a business model. Yes, Dell is "finally" getting on board. I don't want to get hosed on price, but it isn't the only thing I am looking for. That is why I am wondering about what others think.


On 5/7/07, Jonathan Carter <jonathan ubuntu com> wrote:
Hi Timothy

Timothy Hart wrote:
> Has anyone ever used any of the laptops from system76
> (http://system76.com). I need a new Linux laptop and heard about them on
> the Linux Action Show. Wondering if anyone has had some first hand (or
> second or third) knowledge about them. Thanks.

I've met quite a few System76 laptop users this week (here at the Ubuntu
developers summit in Spain), and everyone I've met who has one is quite
happy with their system. The hardware really doesn't look too bad
either, compared to other decent laptop brands.


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