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Re: [K12OSN] Just about ready to make a purchase

90 machines all concurrently logged in?? My personal experience screams slow...but I hope that's not the case for you...(network bottlenecks, not server)

45 min training sessions weekly...

You might want to look into using Captivate/Camtasia or some such tool to record mini-training videos for specific tasks...and export them as flash and put them on an Intranet somewhere for them to have access to at their leisure...just a suggestion =)

Kudos on saving $90k of either tax dollars or privately donated funds!


Jim Kronebusch wrote:

We will also implement weekly 45 minute training sessions for teachers/staff.  First
these sessions will be about familiarizing them with XUbuntu,OpenOffice, and Firefox in
general.  Then we will move towards application suggestions for specific tasks and then
walk them through how to accomplish the tasks.

Any comments or suggestions would be appreciated.  This switch is making me nervous.  I
really don't want to spend $40,000 and have everything be slow, I want the users to
think these are stand alone 3Ghz machines.  But compared to the $135,000 they were going
to spend on iMacs and MS Office, I think it is worth the risk. And I can't wait to be
able to increase our software offerings by ten fold or more.  If all goes well this will
be a showcase of how well FOSS can benefit a school and will be a model for our area. If this doesn't go well...it better go well.

Exciting.....Scary.....Worth it :-)

Jim Kronebusch
Cotter Tech Department

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