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[K12OSN] Centos5 hangs at System Message Bus

I've setup a CentOS 5 box with LDAP & Samba using the config files that I've been using on all my other boxes (Mix of FC3, CentOS4 and Suse) and it all seemed to be working until I rebooted.

When I reboot it hangs for about ten minutes at Starting System Message Bus but eventually starts up. Looking /var/log/messages it would appear that it's trying to bind to the ldap server but looking in /etc/rc.d/rc3.d system message bus starts BEFORE ldap, can I just move LDAP up to start earlier ??

Luckily this box isn't in use yet because with all my fiddling I've locked myself out so I'm going to start from scratch and test the notes I made last time and fine tune them whilst hopefully fixing this error.

I've had a look on the web and this seems to be a problem with FC6 as well but couldn't seem to find a solution that keeps ldap working for retrieval of groups & users.

Ideas would be gratefully received :-)

Brian Chivers
Portsmouth College

   The views expressed here are my own and not necessarily

the views of Portsmouth College
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