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Re: [K12OSN] Just about ready to make a purchase

Dan Young wrote:

Opterons kick some serious bits when it comes to RAM access. During
testing prior to the APS installation, I determined that a single chip
dual core 2.6 GHz Opteron could perform about 30% faster than the same
setup with a dual core 2.8 GHz Xeon.
How long ago was that?  The intel core2 and quad core cpus have
leapfrogged AMDs in recent benchmarks.

Yes that's true for single dual core cpu's. But when you scale up to 8
cores I don't know if I have seen any multitasking benchmarks for that
situation. It's annoying that most benchmarks are for games.

Here's an interesting review of an 8-way Opteron:

Read to the end where they note that some apps ran _slower_ on an 8-way
than a 4-way. Performance also varied wildly with different applications.

Basically, it seems like it's hard to predict how a platform will
perform until you try it on _your workload_.

Most benchmarks run a single app which then has to do some contortions to spread the work across CPUs. Multiuser servers will naturally be running many copies of applications at once and don't have to do anything special.

Has anyone tried the 8-core Mac Pro as a k12ltsp server yet?

   Les Mikesell
    les futuresource com

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