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Re: [K12OSN] Just about ready to make a purchase

> Please take my advice with caution Jim as I have no personal
> experience with any of this Dell hardware. I am just sharing my
> opinion. If you decide on the 2900 please make sure it will work with
> Linux. Check the MB chipset, NICs, HD controllers etc. Also I'm not
> even sure if Linux kernel will work with quad core cpu's yet.
> Please do your homework. Don't rely on my word.

I take all advice with caution :-)  The more I read, the more I am inclined to go with
an Opteron server.  Dell makes a 6950 with quad dual core opterons, but it is in a 4U
case so there is not as many options for internal drives.  However I do have an external
PowerVault 220S that can handle 14 SCSI drives and is already populated with four 300GB
drives.  I could run the OS on some smaller internal drives and run /home on the
powervault or run them all in the powervault.  I will look more into this tonight.  I
want to purchase everything within the next week or two, but I think the topics posted
here merit a little more research.

Dell offers all of these servers with RedHat Linux AS.  So I would assume that the
64-bit K12LTSP would run fine on them.  I will put a call into Dell to verify.

Thanks again.

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