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Re: [K12OSN] Just about ready to make a purchase

Coming in late in the discussion, I would pick the Opterons, for all the reasons mentioned. Opterons have a more sophisticated memory controller architecture than Xeons. Les is correct that Intel has again taken the lead with their Core 2 Duos, but I haven't seem much about those in servers yet and in a multi-user system, I think Opterons still have the advantage.

As to SCSI vs. SATA, choose SCSI. Yes, SATA is getting close to SCSI in performance, particularly in single user boxes. And it has a modest ability to reorder requests for optimal seek times. But it's nothing like what SCSI disks can do, and this is particularly so in multi-user systems like an LTSP server where you'll have many people reading and writing to the disks.


Jim Kronebusch wrote:
Please take my advice with caution Jim as I have no personal
experience with any of this Dell hardware. I am just sharing my
opinion. If you decide on the 2900 please make sure it will work with
Linux. Check the MB chipset, NICs, HD controllers etc. Also I'm not
even sure if Linux kernel will work with quad core cpu's yet.
Please do your homework. Don't rely on my word.

I take all advice with caution :-)  The more I read, the more I am inclined to go with
an Opteron server.  Dell makes a 6950 with quad dual core opterons, but it is in a 4U
case so there is not as many options for internal drives.  However I do have an external
PowerVault 220S that can handle 14 SCSI drives and is already populated with four 300GB
drives.  I could run the OS on some smaller internal drives and run /home on the
powervault or run them all in the powervault.  I will look more into this tonight.  I
want to purchase everything within the next week or two, but I think the topics posted
here merit a little more research.

Dell offers all of these servers with RedHat Linux AS.  So I would assume that the
64-bit K12LTSP would run fine on them.  I will put a call into Dell to verify.

Thanks again.

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