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Re: [K12OSN] Looking to gather and maybe graph logon stats (Re:Just about ready to make a purchase)

> Jim - We have been using two servers for k12ltsp both are 2 year old 
> dual Xeon with 4GB Ram and /home mounted from a 3rd server.  Performance 
> has been outstanding. IMHO - Having two servers is mandatory for mission 
> critical.
> I had to take one off line and we were still able to work with only one, 
> albeit it was pretty poky but usable!

Thanks for the input.  Any usage info you could post and still state excellent
performance would be a good benchmark for anyone on the list.  There just isn't enough
of this type of information floating around (server size + performance + actual number
of concurrent users).

I know I have seen talk of creating a site in the past about this, does something like
this exist?  A open wiki for users to post this information to could be very useful. 
But sometimes it is hard to get the site known about and get people to do so.

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