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[K12OSN] The Open Source Educator

You may remember about a year and a half ago I posted the following email:


If you don't feel like jumping to that link it was basically asking for feedback about using the expertise on this and other FOSS related lists to create some type of ezine. Something similar to tuxmagazine. One that would include articles for all parties involved with FOSS in schools. Both the techy folks and the regular desktop user. We have some good discussion around it and even started a wiki talking about articles and what not. However, after a while things kind of fizzled out. I think we all just got too busy doing are own things and we didn't push far enough.

So, I am writing once again to encourage interested individuals to participate in this endeavor. This time a little bit of the leg work and structure has already been done. Going back through the list archives and remembering what happened last time, I think there was too much pressure of people creating the articles in Scribus and no one putting it all together. We can fix this however.

My idea this time around is to have a communal blog where individuals can author articles and publish them on the web. Once there are enough articles a few people (who want to) can work on putting the downloadable ezine together. The focus doesn't even have to be on a downloadable ezine either. Having a blog with multiple authors from all tech levels and physical regions would be a great resource for everyone involved with FOSS in schools.

There was some good discussion last time so I think there is a niche for something like this. So to get this thing started I have done some leg work (which is up for discussion as well).

Doing this the easiest way, I created a blog at wordpress.com. http://theopensourceeducator.wordpress.com/ (soon to be www.theopensourceeducator.org ). Wordpress is both easy to use and pretty powerful to boot (GRUB of course, ha, bootloader joke).

I have also created a google group for discussion about TOSE and issues around FOSS in education. http://groups.google.com/group/tose/. Again, I used googlegroups because it was easy. I like easy. I think that is a good thing here.

We also have the wiki that Dave Trask set up last time around. I would suggest looking at that to see where we got to last time. http://www.vcsvikings.org/tose/doku.php

Please come and discuss how we get this project of the ground. I will also be posting this to the Edubuntu list. Any others are welcome. Feedback is very welcome.

Tim Hart
Glenburn School

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